Cawarral School Car Show – August 2016

We’ve already mentioned in previous articles about the car show held at the Cawarral School.  Some further pictures below for everyone to enjoy:

Peace, Love and Harmony – August 2016

Thank you to Terry and Lloyd for the great props – for everyone to take a drive in the ‘hippy bus’ – all dressed in their ‘Peace, Love and Harmony’ finery.  An example of the photos below:

Highway 66 Annual Campout – August 2016

Central Queensland is renowned for it’s beautiful winters – with Yeppoon not letting us down last weekend, when Highway 66 held it’s Annual Camp Out at Cool Waters.

Over 80 people attended the event – some having attended previous campouts, with others attending for the very first time.

Friday night “Welcome Night”, saw everyone catching up, with lots of laughter and fun.  A lovely meal provided by the wonderful Sue and all her helpers was enjoyed by all.

Saturday morning a cruise ended at the Cawarral School – where everyone kindly displayed their cars, allowing the P & C to raise over $4000 for their school.  The crowds that supported this small school was great to see, and Highway 66 were extremely pleased to assist them in this way.  Thank you to those that offered the use of their vehicles for rides for the public.  The Rods never stayed still for very long!

After lunch, everyone (cars included) congregated on the lawn for the annual ‘happy hour’.  Lots of talking and laughing – especially when the ladies played party games kindly organised by Terry and Lyn. That one glass of red wine……well ?

Saturday night saw Peace, Love and Harmony dress up.  Thank you Terry and Lloyd for the wonderful Hippy Bus and lots of costume bits and pieces – that lead to some great photos.  Will post these separately.

From all the feedback from all the participants – think it’s safe to say another successful Highway 66 Campout.  See you all next year.


Cap Coast Campout Cruise & Display at Cawarral School

As part of our Cap Coast Campout cruise this year we displayed our vehicles at a small country school in the township of Cawarral. This was an ideal location for us to enjoy morning tea while hoping to help the school raise some much needed funds. We are happy to say that this was very successful for all of us. We need to thank everyone from the campout and the general public who displayed vehicles and a huge thank you to our ride rods. Four of these rods were from the Reef City Rod n Custom club and all the rods did so many rides some of the drivers were dizzy. We are pleased to say that the couple of hours we spent at the school raised more than $4000. We’d like to congratulate Tineke as the success can be directly attributed to the way she promoted the event. Thank you to our participants and the public alike for supporting event and making it such a success.

2016 Run in the Sun

Last weekend ten of us made the short drive to Calliope to enjoy the hospitality of the Reef City Rodders and then another six members came down Saturday for a day trip. It was another enjoyable weekend catching up with friends. Both nights were close to freezing at 2 degrees but the days warmed up nicely. Many of our ladies got into the swing of things dressing in Retro dresses and added some extra colour to the show. Please see a few pictures below.

Bouldercombe – June 2016

What a great roll out to our June cruise last Sunday.  A total of 10 rods and two motorbikes joined together at Curtis Park in Rockhampton for the start of the cruise.

A lovely morning tea was enjoyed by all – whilst spending the entire time waving to the passing traffic as they beeped their horns in recognition of the Rods parked along Gladstone Road.   (Very nice that the passers-by appreciated the Rods, but we did start to feel an empathy for the Queen and her constant waving!)  It was also great to have two New Zealand visitors along for the run who are having a working holiday in Australia.  Noticed they weren’t searching out the sunny spots like some of us die hard Central Queenslanders who don’t like the cold!

Leaving the park, the group followed our trusty tour guide John from the edge of the CBD, through Depot Hill and to the Port Curtis area where everyone stopped and listened to a very informative talk.  The sojourn was on the old Bruce Highway at the actual crossing of the Tropic of Capricorn.  John gave an interesting talk on this and regaled the group with stories of his early years as an Electrician with Qld Rail working at this site.  Extremely interesting, with a lot of people unaware that this site existed.  A great photo was taken of the group at the old remaining structure at the crossing.

Departing this area, the cruise then continued onto Bouldercombe where everyone enjoyed some time together having lunch at the Bouldercombe hotel.  Even here, many people stopped nearby to have a look at the Rods, all nicely lined up alongside the local park.  Wonderful to see people appreciating our passion for Hot Rods. Another successful run for the Highway 66’s, and thank you once again to John and Pat for organising another great day for the Club.

The Coast – May 2016

Better late than never! 15 May saw another Highway 66 Rodder’s Cruise. Meeting at a park in Rockhampton – for a nice chat and morning tea, the group then headed to the Tanby Nursery – where it became very obvious who the gardeners of the group were! What a lovely peaceful area – those that didn’t garden enjoyed the peaceful surrounds with a coffee. Moving on from there, the group headed to Cooee Bay for a picnic in the park. After a drive through Yeppoon, the group continued their cruise back to Rockhampton. Another great cruise with exceptional weather.


Good Friday six of us headed off to participate in the Nth Coast Campout held by the Conrodders Club at the Maryborough Showgrounds. To our surprise we enjoyed a cruisy run to Maryborough, got our camp set up and registered by 1pm. After registration many headed off on a cruise to see a collection which took many years to put together. It was an enjoyable weekend, cruising through Maryborough and out to Poona, the Sunday car show was a large one with around 200 vehicles on display and something for everyone. John & Dee scored a well deserved Top 10 award. Apart from the good company of our fellow members it was good to catching up with friends from other clubs, some of which we hadn’t seen for a year. As the show came to an end Sunday afternoon it came close to rain but thankfully we were spared, so we partied on. Enjoyed a good breakfast Monday morning packed up and drove home to reality. Please see some pics below.

The Caves – March 2016

After many months of no rain – it’s truly a pleasure to cruise in a Hot Rod after Mother Nature sent the district some longed for rain recently.

Five Hot Rods met at the local park at The Caves for a lovely Easter morning Tea on Sunday, with lots of lovely goodies to share. A special thank you to the Easter Bunny (Pat & John) who supplied everyone with some tasty eggs – of the chocolate variety!

Travelling along Rossmoya Road past the Mount Etna Caves National Park and numerous farms was especially scenic – with lovely shades of lush green in all directions, as well as dams and waterways full to the brim.  Some pretty happy farmers I’m sure, not to mention the very satisfied cattle we saw on the side of the road.  These cattle may be used to seeing cars drive past – but wouldn’t think they are used to seeing ‘cool Rod’s drive past’!

The drive finished back at The Caves Hotel, where another two Rods joined the party for lunch.  No one is quite sure how the last to arrive – was the first to receive their meal (think someone may have called ahead or perhaps a little bribery!)  A tasty meal in the Beer Garden of the Hotel, all enjoying everything from Burgers to Pizza – all served with lots of banter and laughter.

Yet another successful cruise enjoyed by all.  Until next month……