2019 Nationals – Maryborough

Well the Nationals for 2019 have been and gone!  When it was first discussed it seemed like so far away, and now it’s over.

The Committee for this event can feel extremely proud of their achievement in running such a fantastic event, and am sure they are now happy to sit back and relax after so many months and years of preparation.

And also no doubt very relieved that though that rain poured down on us most nights, the days cleared up for the public event, resulting in nearly 20 000 people coming through the gates to look at all the people Rods and Cars.

Highway 66 Rodders was strongly represented with over 20 of our members and partners participating.  Highway 66 also provided a trophy for one of the top 20 cars.  Hopefully I can get a photo of some point to show the great trophies to show what they looked like.

Also very proud to advise that with over 1000 cars, two of our members vehicles were chosen in the top 20.  Howzat!  Congratulations John and Dee Zammit and Earl and Connie Teichmann.

I’ve attached a couple of Rod photos taken for your enjoyment.

Pie Run to Mt Morgan Dam 8th April 2018

We all meet up on Gladstone Rd to drive to the park opposite the Bouldy Pub for the April monthly meeting. After finalising all the formal stuff a new member Mick & Di were welcomed to the club.

After this we made our way up the Mt Morgan range to pick up some tasty treats at the bakery and then drive to the dam to eat. While waiting for everyone to be served some including John Z couldn’t wait to eat their delight so no food left for them to eat at the Dam only soft drink.


Cruise to Rainforest Ranch Byfield 18th March 2018

The sun was shining and the weather was fine as we met up at the Heritage Village to check out the Rainforest Ranch at Byfield for lunch. John & Pat, Warren & Sue, George & Madonna, Earl & Connie, Mark & Jenny and John & Dee set off to meet up with Brian & Pene along the way on their vintage Indian bike complete with sidecar. Our communication/navigation skills on where to meet Brian & Pene was a bit lacking and they made their own way there.

Everyone had a great lunch with good food and friends. Two of our regulars were missing in action as Craig was busy working on the 32 Ford.

Sunday Breakfast Cruise to Jolt Cafe Parkhurst Nov 19th 2017

Off to the Jolt Cafe for Sunday breakfast saw Craig & Judy, Lyle & Tracey, George & Madonna, Sue, Earl & Connie, John & Dee and Ben enjoyed a very nice meal before heading off up to the lookout at Mt Archer to check out the sights of Rocky. The day saw the club’s new member Ben join us for his first cruise to show off his ride sporting its RED “P” plate.

Cruise to the Kabra Hotel for lunch Oct 22nd 2017

The weather was fine thanks to the good planning of John K for our lunch cruise to the Kabra Hotel. We took a drive through Bouldercombe and picked up Nev & Sue on the way and along with Craig & Judy, Warren & Sue, Mark & Jenny, Earl & Connie, John & Dee, John K, Peter & Shelley arrived at Kabra. Shortly after ordering lunch we were joined by George & Madonna who dropped in on their way back from Biloela. Another good day had by all and yes the food and hospitality was great, thanks Kabra Hotel staff.

Biloela Autofeste Sept 16 2017

John & Dee and George & Madonna drove to Biloela to take part in the Autofeste car show and shine. There were a number of car skill events available to entrants if they wished to try their hand, “spike the spud” barrel event etc. we both decided to leave this to the professionals with their purpose build machines. John & Dee picked up “Top Hot Rod” for the day. We had a safe trip home even though John had his alternator die just outside Rocky and George had a fuel pump issue which caused a couple of moments at traffic lights; great event to attend, well done to the Biloela crew for the day.

Bargara Beach Rod run 29th Sept 2017

There was a number of the Highway 66 members who ventured to Bargara Beach for Rum City Rods & Customs Run. Warren & Sue, Brian & Penny took the vans; while John & Pat, George & Madonna, Earl & Connie, John & Dee lived it up in on site units or Motel rooms. John took out the Rocker cover challenge with his first attempt, beating some big name contenders from Gladstone and the Sunshine coast (Col). Everyone had a great time. A cruise to SeaJays Boats was organised and this was a real eye opener on how the boats are manufactured.