2019 Nationals – Maryborough

Well the Nationals for 2019 have been and gone!  When it was first discussed it seemed like so far away, and now it’s over.

The Committee for this event can feel extremely proud of their achievement in running such a fantastic event, and am sure they are now happy to sit back and relax after so many months and years of preparation.

And also no doubt very relieved that though that rain poured down on us most nights, the days cleared up for the public event, resulting in nearly 20 000 people coming through the gates to look at all the people Rods and Cars.

Highway 66 Rodders was strongly represented with over 20 of our members and partners participating.  Highway 66 also provided a trophy for one of the top 20 cars.  Hopefully I can get a photo of some point to show the great trophies to show what they looked like.

Also very proud to advise that with over 1000 cars, two of our members vehicles were chosen in the top 20.  Howzat!  Congratulations John and Dee Zammit and Earl and Connie Teichmann.

I’ve attached a couple of Rod photos taken for your enjoyment.

Cruise to the Kabra Hotel for lunch Oct 22nd 2017

The weather was fine thanks to the good planning of John K for our lunch cruise to the Kabra Hotel. We took a drive through Bouldercombe and picked up Nev & Sue on the way and along with Craig & Judy, Warren & Sue, Mark & Jenny, Earl & Connie, John & Dee, John K, Peter & Shelley arrived at Kabra. Shortly after ordering lunch we were joined by George & Madonna who dropped in on their way back from Biloela. Another good day had by all and yes the food and hospitality was great, thanks Kabra Hotel staff.

$2000 Donation to Rockhampton SES

At the monthly meeting last week we handed a cheque for $2000 to the local SES who are always there for the community in time of need. This was our way of thanking those who give so much of their own time to help out others. The monies were raised at our annual Cap Coast Campout which was held in August. At this time we’d like to thank everyone who attended our campout both near and far, our many sponsors who’s support is vital and enables the club to raise the extra funds and make donations as these. Finally a big thank you to all Highway 66 members who worked so hard leading up to and over the weekend making it a success. Hope to see you again next year.

October Garage Crawl

The crawl started at Novus Rockhampton where Brian & Penni showed members more about the glass industry. From there the group cruised to Wazrodz to see what Waza had on the go, plenty of variety. Then onto John’s T-bucket and then onto Hilly’s 32 build. After checking out Craig’s progress everyone settled in for lunch. Thank you.

Bouldercombe – June 2016

What a great roll out to our June cruise last Sunday.  A total of 10 rods and two motorbikes joined together at Curtis Park in Rockhampton for the start of the cruise.

A lovely morning tea was enjoyed by all – whilst spending the entire time waving to the passing traffic as they beeped their horns in recognition of the Rods parked along Gladstone Road.   (Very nice that the passers-by appreciated the Rods, but we did start to feel an empathy for the Queen and her constant waving!)  It was also great to have two New Zealand visitors along for the run who are having a working holiday in Australia.  Noticed they weren’t searching out the sunny spots like some of us die hard Central Queenslanders who don’t like the cold!

Leaving the park, the group followed our trusty tour guide John from the edge of the CBD, through Depot Hill and to the Port Curtis area where everyone stopped and listened to a very informative talk.  The sojourn was on the old Bruce Highway at the actual crossing of the Tropic of Capricorn.  John gave an interesting talk on this and regaled the group with stories of his early years as an Electrician with Qld Rail working at this site.  Extremely interesting, with a lot of people unaware that this site existed.  A great photo was taken of the group at the old remaining structure at the crossing.

Departing this area, the cruise then continued onto Bouldercombe where everyone enjoyed some time together having lunch at the Bouldercombe hotel.  Even here, many people stopped nearby to have a look at the Rods, all nicely lined up alongside the local park.  Wonderful to see people appreciating our passion for Hot Rods. Another successful run for the Highway 66’s, and thank you once again to John and Pat for organising another great day for the Club.

The Coast – May 2016

Better late than never! 15 May saw another Highway 66 Rodder’s Cruise. Meeting at a park in Rockhampton – for a nice chat and morning tea, the group then headed to the Tanby Nursery – where it became very obvious who the gardeners of the group were! What a lovely peaceful area – those that didn’t garden enjoyed the peaceful surrounds with a coffee. Moving on from there, the group headed to Cooee Bay for a picnic in the park. After a drive through Yeppoon, the group continued their cruise back to Rockhampton. Another great cruise with exceptional weather.

February 2016 Cruise

Highway 66 Club Members enjoyed yet another cruise last Sunday – once again capably organised by the wonderful Pat and John.

A total of 7 Rods and their drivers met at a local park on Quay Street along the Fitzroy River – with a morning tea and get together enjoyed by all.

Leaving the park, the cruise headed out of town along country roads towards Alton Downs, then driving across to the Highway near Gracemere, ending at the Kabra hotel.

After recent rains, the beautiful green scenery along this road really was heart lifting after the many months of dry weather.

Arriving at the Kabra Hotel, the cruisers met up with some other members of the club for lunch.

The Hotel didn’t disappoint, outdoing themselves with  tasty meals for all.

Another great run for the club, with nature putting on some lovely weather – just right for cruising!

Until next time.