Xmas @ Bajool

Last night we held our Xmas party at Lloyd & Terry’s and a great time was had by all. We started arriving around mid afternoon. I was lucky enough to get a guided tour from Lloyd and it was very interesting to hear how things have changed over the years, for those of you like myself who may not be aware Lloyd grew up on the property. L & T had set up a awesome projector screen on the side of the large shed and we all enjoyed many laughs watching their car related movie collection. While these were playing we all had a BBQ main course with cakes, cheesecakes andĀ trifleĀ for desert, all washed down with a cold drink and or a cuppa. Terry asked everyone to get into a circle & we did, Terry then handed out two rather large parcels and with this Lloyd fired up the music and we started passing them around when the music stopped the person unwrapped a gift, thanks Terry we all enjoyed being kids again for a while. I would like to thank everyone who helped put this event together as it was fantastic effort that allowed it to come off with all attending heading home full and happy. Hope to see you all again on our Xmas lights tour (info to come). A few pics below