Xmas Lights Tour of 2012

Well we left Redhill just after 7 as planned with 30 rods & cars in tow and wouldn’t you read about it but I stuffed up at turn number 3, talk about shame…..Anyhow we moved on and continued weaving our way across the northside, we stopped in Dean St for a minute or two and again in Main St when Frank alerted me to the fact that we had dropped the group. After a couple of minutes parked up in Main St Hilly cruised by with about a dozen in tow, it was extremely pleasing to see as the intersections certainly make it difficult to maintain a group. We then headed to the southside, out to Wandal and then back across Agnes St and down onto Gladstone Rd which was the end of tour. We started out with 30 and ended up with around half coming to Huish for a bite to eat and a chat. We hope a good night was had by all.

Again I would like to thank you all for taking the time out of your weekend to share with us, we would like to wish you & your families a very merry xmas and happy new year and look forward to playing again in 2013.