Our Maiden Cruise for 2013

We had our first cruise for the year organised for Sunday the 27th but due to the extreme weather we had we re-scheduled for Monday 28th. Monday the sun was shining but due to damage done to our communications many did not receive the twitter / email, this aside we headed off and we were treated to a sneak peak of the newest member to the Highway family. Lyle and Tracey have been building up their 29 Dodge Roadster for many years and it’s certainly been worth the wait, a couple of pictures below (more to come). After visiting L & T we headed off for the beach and had a delicious lunch at the Kinka Kippa. We were joined at the KK by Damo and Caroline in the 27 T Bucket, after lunch we cruised over the D & C place where we meet the family and were given a tour. From here we headed for home and a good day was had by all, thank you.