Marlborough / Yaamba Cruise

Hi today we took a drive up to Marlborough which is a good cruise to stretch the legs on some good road. After having morning tea in the park we went around to the Museum, while not massive neither is the price, at $2 its a nice way to spend some time wondering how our grand and great grandparents managed. We saddled up again and set off for the Yaamba Hotel where we enjoyed a tasty and good value lunch. Thank you for joining us today, special thanks to Paul and Lisa who came up from Benaraby to join us, pictures below

Weekend @ Run in the Sun Calliope

Another good weekend was had by all who spent the weekend in Calliope, some of us toughed out the cold while other came down for a day trip but we certainly appreciate all members who took the time to participate. One of the events was for entrants to have a strap down the quarter mile which was very entertaining and everyone had a ball. Lloyd went to do one more run in the blown 35 when she backfired and instantly sounded like a canary whistling away. Lloyd drove the whistling 35 back to the camp grounds, took the blower off to find it had blown a hole in the blower pop-off valve. Bush mechanics came to play by getting a Bundy six-pack cardboard, cutting two of the gaskets out and bonding them together shiny side out with gasket blue (thanks Dale), bolted it all back together, fired her up sounding much better.  Please see photos below