Our first cruise for 2015 to Bouldercombe Park

Well while it was warm to say the least we enjoyed a good rollup to our maiden cruise for 2015. We made our way to Bouldy and along the way Jamesy took us to a mate of his who has his own railway setup and what a set up. Like all interests / hobbies they become a way of life, it was great to see and an awesome display. We then enjoyed the shade of the park while having a chat and a bite to eat. On the way home we called into Pete’s to have a look at his build and then continued home. Thank you for sharing your day with us.


Christmas Lights Tour

A great night was had by all,¬†we’d like to thank all of those families who spend many hours and maybe days preparing their displays and without their efforts we would not have a tour, it was an excellent way to close out 2014.