Sunday Cruise – 18 October 2015

A record 14 Hot Rods, along with a few other club members minus their Rods all met at Bencke Park, North Rockhampton on Sunday for a morning tea, before all heading off on its monthly run.  Over an hour spent with everyone catching up, lots of talk and laughter – not to mention a few guilty treats from all the good cooks in the club!   To see all the cars parked in a line was such a great sight, and was nice to see locals parking nearby just to stop and admire the Rods.

The trip took us all along Greenlakes Road through Rockyview, crossing the Yeppoon highway, through Cawarral ending up at the Causeway for lunch.  A nice scenic drive, though everyone was very much aware just how dreadfully dry the area is, and we all hope to see some great rain and green grass - sooner, rather than later!

The group congregated under the shade alongside the Causeway for lunch – with the local Fish and Chip shop doing a roaring trade from us all.  Don’t know what everyone else thinks, but fish just seems to taste so much better when consumed alongside the sea!

After a group photo of the cars, everyone headed off, concluding another successful run.

To see this many cars turn up for the Club’s monthly run, was absolutely fantastic, and demonstrated to everyone just how much fun the Hot Rod world can be on a nice sunny day!  A big thank you to Pat and John for taking the time to organise the run, it’s greatly appreciated by the entire Club.

The Bundy Belle

Four of the Rockhampton Club Members took advantage of the free time on Sunday afternoon at the Bargara Beach Campout and took a cruise down the Burnett River on the Bundy Belle with other participants of the campout.The Bundy Belle is nearly 50 year old and cruises daily from Bundaberg to the mouth of the river near Burnett Heads.  The cruise lasts approximately 3 hours, with the Captain of the vessel giving a commentary on the area.  T

The information he was able to share was quite impressive, with facts and figures being quoted ‘left, right and centre’.  Mind you, none of us would know if they were correct – but we were nevertheless impressed.

A lot of information was also shared on the big flood in 2013 – and was quite humbling to just realise how high and wide the water went, and how it affected the beautiful city of Bundaberg.  In fact the Bundy Belle was the only boat that wasn’t washed down the river, due to our ‘able Captain’ swimming out in the floodwaters and tying it to a large gum tree.  He did mention he would have saved other boats – if the “boys and blue” hadn’t come along and put a stop to that!

Was a lovely relaxing cruise with perfect weather, and certainly recommend the trip to anyone if they ever get the chance.

Bargara Beach Campout – October 2015

Friday 2 October through to Monday 5 October saw three cars travel down to join the Rum City Rods & Customs in their annual Bargara Beach Campout.

A fantastic four days, where Bargara turned on clear sunny days, cooler nights and crystal clear oceans – which could easily be viewed from the campground.

Most people travelled to Bargara on Friday, spending the afternoon setting up camp and settling into “holiday mode” – finishing the day with a BBQ meal where people renewed old and made new friendships.

After a hearty breakfast Saturday morning – many cars lined up for a garage crawl / poker run.  A series of questions to be answered on this run – kept everyone on their toes, with some very cryptic questions!  And some of us learned, that following the car in front doesn’t always work – as they may be wrong!  Result – U Turn!

Midway through this run, everyone congregated at the club’s Clubhouse where morning tea was served.  A very impressive Clubhouse by the way, and one that I am sure most clubs would love to have for themselves.

All up three garages were visited which proved to be very enlightening, especially a warehouse which made fibreglass parts, including the bodies for future Hot Rod’s.

After lunch, a meeting was held at the Clubhouse for the ASRF – which left most of the ladies with some free time. Or so they thought – as the ladies of the Rum City Rods & Customs, made sure there was some fun lined up.  But “what happens on ladies afternoon in Bargara, stays in Bargara.”  The three Rockhampton ladies are very hopeful that any photos taken during the afternoon mysteriously disappear, with the only information being shared was that the afternoon may have included some bongo drums and perhaps a bit of a dress up with some belly dancing!

And speaking of dress-up – Saturday evenings theme “Celebrities prior to 1975” saw everyone from Doris Day, Marilyn Monroe, The Queen of England through to two Willie Nelson’s.  A meal, music and dancing kept everyone entertained, as well as in suspense during the many raffle draws.  As each person won a prize, they then picked out the next ticket.  Who would ever believe that after winning a prize, someone would then pick another ticket out of the box containing hundreds of tickets, only to find they’d picked another winner for themselves, collecting another prize.  What’s the odds on that!

Sunday morning saw a car show, with all the participants along with a multitude of other car types all on display.  The crowd that attended throughout the morning, was really great to see – and shows that people really appreciate the hard work that goes into these beautiful cars.

A free afternoon on Sunday allowed everyone to do their own thing, with some people going for drives or throwing in a line.  An opportunity was also available for anyone who wanted to cruise down the Burnett River on the Bundy Belle which some people took advantage of.  Will post a separate story on this later for those that are interested.

Dinner at Grunski’s Seafood Restaurant was on offer Sunday night, with over 50 people attending.  Unfortunately there was no time to sit back and enjoy the view of the river as the night progressed – with most people rushing back to the camp ground where the club had kindly set up a projector so that everyone could enjoy the football on the big screen.  And what a game that was!

Monday morning – saw the end of the wonderful weekend.  Breakfast with everyone, and then on the road – back to reality!

Overall, an extremely wonderful weekend, with great, friendly people, lots of laughter and fun.  Thank you Rum City Rods & Customs – you’ve done yourselves proud!