Sunday Cruise – 22 November 2015

Twelve Hot Rods joined the monthly run on Sunday 22 November.

Meeting at a local park, the cruise headed to Emu Park where a lovely morning tea was held with residents and staff of the RSL Sunset Ridge Residential Aged Care facility.

Then it was off to Emu Park where something different occurred – the ‘Rods’ were parked and the Highway 66 Hot Rod Club members went for a walk!

A walk around the Emu Park ANZAC Memorial.  And what an enjoyable walk it was.  The ocean was a beautiful blue, with the sky even bluer.  Sun shining brightly with a lovely sea breeze.  Sometimes “we locals” don’t always appreciate what is right on our doorstep!  The memorial itself is a true credit to the town of Emu Park – with a lovely boardwalk with regular signage with stories and artworks all in relation to the ANZAC’s.  And what’s there now is only stage 1 – stage 2 and 3 are still to come.  Looks like another future walk for the Highway 66 Club!

After a little bit of sunshine, it was off to the Pine Beach Hotel for lunch.  Everyone thoroughly enjoying the meal and time spent in the air conditioning, with a number of the club ‘coming up trumps’ with the raffle wheel winning prizes.

A drive home via Yeppoon along the esplanade – and another successful Highway 66 Hot Rod cruise complete.

Until next time.

Presentation at RSL Sunset Ridge Residential Aged Care

Each year after the annual Cap Coast Campout held at Cool Waters – the Highway 66 Hot Rod Club donate some of the proceeds to different causes within the local area.

After a successful run to the RSL Sunset Ridge Residential Aged Care facility giving joyrides to the residents during the Campout in August, the Highway 66 members decided to donate a barbecue to them.

During the Club’s monthly cruise on Sunday 22 November, this barbecue was presented to the Residential Manager Susan Blyth and a morning tea shared with some of the residents and staff.

Susan explained that the Residential Aged Care section of the complex housed 120 residents, and it was very important that these residents have as normal a life as possible.  Something like this BBQ, would allow residents and their families to get together in the lovely gardens and do family things, giving them a sense of normality.

Susan thanked the club, not only for the Barbecue, but also the visits and joyrides that the members had provided, explaining that these “points in time” were a great tool for the staff to use with the residents helping them with their long and short term memory.

A number of the residents once again seemed to enjoy looking at the Rods and in some cases even reminiscing about cars they’d had from that era and the similarities (minus the colours and lightning of course!)

A thoroughly enjoyable morning, and so great to know that the Club is contributing to such a worthy cause.

Fun Flight – 8 November 2015

“The Umbrella Network was created by families who have children with extra needs.  Those needs can be extreme or minor.  They can have a diagnosis or still not fit into one ‘box’”.  Regardless of their situation – it was obvious that all the children had a fantastic day at Fun Flight on Sunday 8 November.

Organised by the Rockhampton Aero Club, with it’s members giving the children and their families free flights across the Rockhampton area.

The Highway 66′s joined in, bringing along their cars, giving the children rides ‘in a Rod!’  A total of 8 Rods spent very little time parked, with one ‘cruise’ followed quickly by another. Giving the children the opportunity of picking which Rod they wanted to joyride in was very interesting – with the colour red definitely being the flavour of the day!  Some children managing to score a joyride in nearly every Rod.

The Singapore Army was also involved, showing off two of their helicopters.  Very polite young men, who were only too happy to answer any questions posed by children and adults alike.  They also had many questions in relation to the Hot Rods, indicating that it would be very rare to see cars like this in their country.  Unfortunately all of them were on duty, so though they would have loved to have had a joyride in a Hot Rod, they weren’t able to.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to an enjoyable day for the children of the Umbrella Network.