Good Friday six of us headed off to participate in the Nth Coast Campout held by the Conrodders Club at the Maryborough Showgrounds. To our surprise we enjoyed a cruisy run to Maryborough, got our camp set up and registered by 1pm. After registration many headed off on a cruise to see a collection which took many years to put together. It was an enjoyable weekend, cruising through Maryborough and out to Poona, the Sunday car show was a large one with around 200 vehicles on display and something for everyone. John & Dee scored a well deserved Top 10 award. Apart from the good company of our fellow members it was good to catching up with friends from other clubs, some of which we hadn’t seen for a year. As the show came to an end Sunday afternoon it came close to rain but thankfully we were spared, so we partied on. Enjoyed a good breakfast Monday morning packed up and drove home to reality. Please see some pics below.

The Caves – March 2016

After many months of no rain – it’s truly a pleasure to cruise in a Hot Rod after Mother Nature sent the district some longed for rain recently.

Five Hot Rods met at the local park at The Caves for a lovely Easter morning Tea on Sunday, with lots of lovely goodies to share. A special thank you to the Easter Bunny (Pat & John) who supplied everyone with some tasty eggs – of the chocolate variety!

Travelling along Rossmoya Road past the Mount Etna Caves National Park and numerous farms was especially scenic – with lovely shades of lush green in all directions, as well as dams and waterways full to the brim.  Some pretty happy farmers I’m sure, not to mention the very satisfied cattle we saw on the side of the road.  These cattle may be used to seeing cars drive past – but wouldn’t think they are used to seeing ‘cool Rod’s drive past’!

The drive finished back at The Caves Hotel, where another two Rods joined the party for lunch.  No one is quite sure how the last to arrive – was the first to receive their meal (think someone may have called ahead or perhaps a little bribery!)  A tasty meal in the Beer Garden of the Hotel, all enjoying everything from Burgers to Pizza – all served with lots of banter and laughter.

Yet another successful cruise enjoyed by all.  Until next month……