$2000 Donation to Rockhampton SES

At the monthly meeting last week we handed a cheque for $2000 to the local SES who are always there for the community in time of need. This was our way of thanking those who give so much of their own time to help out others. The monies were raised at our annual Cap Coast Campout which was held in August. At this time we’d like to thank everyone who attended our campout both near and far, our many sponsors who’s support is vital and enables the club to raise the extra funds and make donations as these. Finally a big thank you to all Highway 66 members who worked so hard leading up to and over the weekend making it a success. Hope to see you again next year.

September’s cruise to Byfield Store for lunch

In September a few members braved the on and off weather and enjoyed a cruise up to the Byfield Store for lunch. Always a enjoyable cruise with good food in a relaxing area.

October Garage Crawl

The crawl started at Novus Rockhampton where Brian & Penni showed members more about the glass industry. From there the group cruised to Wazrodz to see what Waza had on the go, plenty of variety. Then onto John’s T-bucket and then onto Hilly’s 32 build. After checking out Craig’s progress everyone settled in for lunch. Thank you.