2015 Cap Coast Camp Out – Back To The School Yard

Ahh… for most of us – our school days are well behind us.  But that didn’t stop everyone from ‘stepping back in time’ and revisiting those wonderful school uniforms.

Saturday night at the Camp Out – the dress up theme was ‘School Days’ and what a great turnout with so many people taking the theme to heart and joining in wearing their school attire with great humour.

Who will ever forget those legs on our industrious Club President – who was quickly sent to the corner with his dunce hat!

Not to mention the ‘kids of the club’ – who just came along with their parents wearing their normal school weekday clothes.  That’s pretty tough – I’m sure the last outfit they want to see on a Saturday night, is their normal school uniform.  But wear it they did – good on them!

A great night was had by all, with a delicious meal,  followed by music via the jukebox. (A jukebox with DVD clips – certainly something most of us never imagined during our school years – makes my old cassettes that I taped from Countdown sound pretty sad!)  The years may have passed since our school days – but we still all know ‘how to dance’ – at least that’s what we will continue to tell ourselves!

Next year’s theme is still to be announced – but we all look forward to seeing everyone’s creativity – and who I know will once again come along with their good humour and sense on fun!




3 thoughts on “2015 Cap Coast Camp Out – Back To The School Yard

  1. As always, we had an awesome weekend at the Cap Coast Campout – thanks Highway 66ers for your great effort. Looking forward to doing it again next year.

    Mark, Lynette and the 3 Toccettes.

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