Final 2015 Donation – Rockhampton Base Hospital

Monday 30 November, saw the last of the donations from the 2015 Cap Coast Campout which is a direct result of the generosity of our members, sponsors and our campout entrants.

Some of our members delivered Scales to the Paediatrics Ward at the Rockhampton Base Hospital. 

The team at the hospital were very grateful of our donation which allows them to measure and weigh a child in one movement.

While this doesn’t seem much of a deal to us, you can imagine when a child is unwell, not feeling the best – the faster you can do what’s required – the better.

Attending these presentations make you feel proud of our small but positive Club.

On behalf of the committee, we thank you for your support throughout 2015 and that we remain as strong in 2016.



One thought on “Final 2015 Donation – Rockhampton Base Hospital

  1. To Highway 66 Rodders Rockhampton,

    The staff and patients on the children’s ward, Rockhampton hospital would like to express our deepest thanks for your recent donation.

    The scales that you donated have already been put to good use. The staff and parents have mentioned to me on many occasions how quick and useful the scales have been. They love that the children can be weighed and measured on one scale and are quickly dressed and returned to their parents for a cuddle.

    There is no way to fully express our gratitude for your donation. We are continually inspired by the dedication and generosity of donors like you who answer the call to give.

    Yours sincerely
    Rinnah Fry
    Acting Nurse Unit Manager
    Childrens Ward
    Rockhampton Hospital
    07) 49 206 248

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