Earl & Connie – Holden

Cars Name: Fanny
Make: Holden
Model: 48 – 215, later referred to as FX Holden.
Year: 1953
Motor: 132.5 CI / 2.17Ltrs
Transmission: 3 on the Tree
Differental: Std
Front End: Std
Accessories: CD Player (hidden)
Bit of Trivia: The 48-215 was only the second Monocoque Bodied car built world wide and thus why they only weighed 2230lbs/1012kgs, Peugeot was the first.
Cars Story: We bought her in mid 2009 and stripped her down December 2009. At that time we fitted her with a fully reconditioned head as the previous head had a crack through the #4 chamber. We striped her down and resprayed her in the original Burnley Cream, rustproofed throughout, fitted all new carpet, new rubbers, Windlace, tyres etc. Since her rebuild we have travelled to events at Hervey Bay in the south and Mackay in the north and everywhere in between.

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