Paul & Leza

Car Type: Rod
Owners: Paul and Leza
Year: 1937
Model Chevy
Body Type: Roadster
Colour: Who knows
Engine / Transmission: 350 or V6 / Turbo 350 or 5 speed manual
Front & Rear End: Hr Front End and ford diff
Accessories: free mango tree leaves, dirt and lots of rust in the usual places
Car’s Story
I bought this 1937 Roadster as a buy one and get one free (1938 Chev Coupe Ute), from Maryborough, It was on eBay for too much but I found out where the bloke lived and made him a offer the year it was on eBay and then again the next year, he decided that no one else wanted it for his price, so he sold it to me Wahoo!!!
The Ute is a project for my daughters 21st birthday with v6/5 speed in the color of her choice

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